Japanese Promotion Stardom “Won’t be Using” Wrestlers under NXT UK Deals

It’s being claimed that Japan’s most well known women’s wrestling promotion Stardom is likely done with using any female talents currently under NXT UK deals with the WWE.

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s beeing reported that “Stardom won’t be using any of them [NXT UK wrestlers] because of the restrictions involved and also because WWE could pull them from dates at any time and on a moment’s notice”. It’s also being claimed that NXT UK wrestlers told Stardom they would be unable to work against any women currently under ROH or World of Sport Wrestling contracts – which would currently include Stardom regular guests Viper and Bea Priestley.

Earlier this year Toni Storm dropped the championships she held in Stardom and has not reappeared since after she signed a NXT UK deal, then going on to win this year’s edition of the Mae Young Classic. Wrestlers under NXT UK deals can only work select ‘partner’ indies companies the WWE works with in the UK and have to have other dates etc approved by the company, but can be pulled from dates if the WWE orders it.