Results: SHIMMER Women Athletes Volumes 109 – 112

SHIMMER Women Athletes have held their latest major weekend of double header events which were broadcast on iPPV. While the events were slightly dampened by injuries suffered during matches, the shows featured seveal major current  and former stars from Impact Wrestling, the WWE Mae Young Classic and NXT UK. Along with up and coming talent from the RISE Wrestling promotion.

SHIMMER Volume 109:

  • Dark Match: Session Moth Martina and Rok-C defeated Phoebe and Jenna Lynn via code red.
  • Sierra defeated Thunderkitty via Superkick.
  • Shazza McKenzie defeated Alisha Edwards via submission with the Shazzmission. After the match, McKenzie said she wants a shot at the SHIMMER Title which brought out Allysin Kay. She said that she didn’t deserve a title shot and they had unfinished business.
  • Indi Hartwell came out with Steph De Lander. She said Tessa Blanchard couldn’t be there so she’s having her other best friend De Lander in her corner.
  • Indi Hartwell defeated Allie Kat via springboard dropkick after Steph De Lander interfered.
  • Shotzi Blackheart defeated Keira Hogan, AQA, Miranda Alize, Penelope Ford, and Hyan in a six way match after a diving senton.
  • DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated The Blue Nation (Charli Evans and Jessica Troy) via Frog Splash from DASH.
  • Solo Darling (with Willow Nightingale on a stick) defeated Zoe Lucas via submission with the SharpStinger.
  • Hudson Envy defeated Aerial Monroe, Kimber Lee, and Kris Wolf in a Four Corners Match. Post-match Hudson Envy says that while she’s back from injury, Lufisto is not but that’s okay because she has a plan and is putting everyone on notice.
  • Dust with Rosemary defeated Leva Bates to retain the Heart of SHIMMER Championship via rollup.
  • SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa defeated The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo) via diving curbstomp from Martinez to retain the belts.
  • SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy defeated Britt Baker via submission to retain the SHIMMER Championship. After the match Hudson Envy attacked her.

SHIMMER Volume 110:

  • Charli Evans defeated Cherry via Cradle DDT.
  • Hyan defeated Aerial Monroe via arm trapped sitout facebuster.
  • Jessicka Havok defeated Sonya Strong via submission with a Boston Crab.
  • Steph De Lander with Indi Hartwell defeated Brittany Blake, Veda Scott, and Nevaeh in a Four Corners Match after a boot to the face to Neveah after Indi Hartwell interfered. Jessicka Havok came out and her and Neveah went face to face with Hartwell and De Lander. Hartwell bailed out of the ring and forced De Lander to go with her to the back.
  • Su Yung defeated Shotzi Blackheart via Panic Switch.
  • Heart of SHIMMER Champion Dust with Rosemary defeated Solo Darling via rollup after a distraction from Rosemary to retain the title.
  • DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated The Twisted Sisterz (Thunder Rosa and Holidead) via Rock Drop from Matsumoto on Thunder Rosa.
  • Allysin Kay defeated Shazza McKenzie via rope assisted pin.
  • Rosemary with Dust defeated Samantha Heights via Spear. Dust and Rosemary attacked Heights after the match but Brittany Blake made the save, running them off with a steel chair. Lexie Fyfe came out and said management was sick of how they kept cheating to win and set up a tag team match for tomorrow with Rosemary and Dust vs. Heights and Blake. If Heights and Blake win, Heights will get a Heart of SHIMMER championship match against Dust.
  • Charlie Morgan defeated Mercedes Martinez with the Ace’s Over DDT.
  • SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy defeated Hudson Envy via submission to retain the SHIMMER title.         

Volume 111:

  • Pre Show: Harlow O’Hara defeated Rocky Radley via Fisherman DDT.
  • Pre Show: Session Moth Martina defeated Jenna Lynn, Big Mamma, Phoebe, Sloan, Valentina Loca, Hawlee Cromwell in a battle royal when she collapsed drunk on the ropes and Big Mama went flying over the top.
  • Cherry defeated Veda Scott via Crucifix Pin.
  • Jessicka Havok with Neveah defeated Steph De Lander with Indi Hartwell via submission with a Boston Crab.
  • Jessica Troy with Charli Evans defeated AQA via submission with a Fujiwara Armbar.
  • Leva Bates defeated Miranda Alize, Delmi Exo, and Zoe Lucas in a four way when she pinned Alize following a Pepsi Plunge.
  • Shotzi Blackheart defeated Sierra via Top Rope Senton.
  • Shazza McKenzie defeated Thunder Rosa via Super Shazztastic Stunner.
  • The Sinister Sweethearts (Samantha Heights & Brittany Blake) defeated Paradise Lost (Rosemary & Dust).
  • Kimber Lee defeated Charlie Morgan via Swanton Bomb.
  • DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa via DQ.
  • SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy defeated Allysin Kay via Cross-Armbreaker Submission. Post-match Nicole called Shazza McKenzie to the ring and said she would grant her a title shot at the next volume.

Volume 112:

  • Zoe Lucas defeated Penelope Ford via leg drop.
  • Britt Baker defeated Kimber Lee via submission with a crossface.
  • Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) defeated Hyan & Miranda Alize via Double Foot Stomp from Thunder Rosa.
  • Cheerleader Melissa defeated Solo Darling via Air Raid Crash.
  • DASH Chisako defeated Keira Hogan, Cherry, and Ashley Vox in a four way with a crucifix pin on Hogan.
  • Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Su Yung via Rock Drop.
  • Kris Wolf & Charlie Morgan defeated Team Blue Nation (Jessica Troy & Charli Evans) when Kris Wolf reversed a Fujiwara into a pin on Troy. Post-Match Blue Nation beat Wolf down and Zoe Lucas ran in to help them. Solo Darling, Ashley Vox, and Delmi Exo made the save.
  • Samantha Heights with Brittany Blake defeated Dust by DQ when Rosemary spit mist in the face of Heights. While Heights won, Dust still retained the Heart of SHIMMER title. Lexie Fyfe came out and said she’s sick of Dust and Rosemary interfering in matches and in the main event of SHIMMER 113 in NY there will be a rematch of Dust vs. Heights with Rosemary banned from the building.
  • Nicole Savoy defeated Shazza McKenzie to retain the SHIMMER Championship.         

Results courtesy of Squared Circle Sirens.