Results: RISE Wrestling Legendary 29/01/19 – New Champions Crowned

RISE Wrestling held its latest major iPPV event recently, and saw three title new champions crowned across the show which features a 30-woman Rumble Match and a no rope, submissions only main event.

Early To RISE:

  • Phoebe defeated Viva Von Star via Powerbomb.
  • Ray Lyn defeated Janai Kai.
  • Allysin Kay defeated AQA via Cutter.
  • Mercedes Martinez defeated Jenna Lynn via Fisherman Buster.
  • Priscilla Kelly defeated Session Moth Martina via hangman neckbreaker off the rope.


  • Session Moth Martina defeated Thunderkitty and Regina ‘Honey’ Badger.
  • Team New Nation (Charli Evans & Jessica Troy) with Zoe Lucas defeated The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) when Jessica hit Delmi with a steelchair and rolled her up for the pin.
  • Delilah Doom with Rosemary defeated Shotzi Blackheart via DQ when Shotzi attacked Delilah with a steel chair.
  • Meat Friends (Kris Wolf, Rocky Radley, Rock-C,Samantha Heights) defeated Su Yung, Hawlee Cromwell, Kimber Lee when Kris Wolf pinned Su Yung.
  • Zoe Lucas wins the 30-woman RISE of the Contender match where the winner will receive a shot at the Phoenix of RISE at a time of their choosing, featuring Sonya Strong, Valentina Loca, AQA, Hyan, Allie Kat, Ray Lyn, Facebrooke, Alex Gracia, Aerial Monroe, Priscilla Kelly, Janai Kai, Rok-C, Indi Hartwell, Laynie Luck, Miranda Alize, Penelope Ford, Lexie Fyfe, Shazza McKenzie, Cheerleader Melissa, and more when she last eliminated Aerial Monroe.
  • Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Neveah) defeated Paradise Lost (Raven’s Ash & Dust) with Rosemary for the Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships. During the match Cherry Bomb attacked Rosemary and fought to the back.
  • It was announced at RISE: LUMINOUS on May 17th that Rosemary will take on Allie in a steel cage match!
  • Kylie Rae defeated Mercedes Martinez via crossface submission in a no-rope submission match for the Phoenix of RISE Championship. After the match, Miranda Alize attacked Kylie Rae which then made The New Nation (Zoe Lucas, Steph De Lander, Jessica Troy, and Charli Evans) come out. Zoe announces she is cashing in her title shot right now!
  • Zoe Lucas defeated Kylie Rae to become the new Phoenix of RISE Champion. After the match she says she defeated The Elite which brings out Brandi Rhodes, Nyla Rose, and Britt Baker. The All Elite Women and The New Nation attack one another until Allie and Penelope Ford come out, chasing off the New Nation and the All Elite Women’s Division celebrates in the ring with Kylie Rae to end the show